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World of Warcraft Guide, Part 2: Classes and Leveling

World of Warcraft Guide, Part 2: Classes and Leveling


Up until now, there have been twelve classes throughout all the World of Warcraft patches.

Warriors are one of the best classes for a tank, a heavily armored character that endures the most damage to protect other members of the group. Their defense is very high. In addition, warriors can deliver high damage per second with a great variety of massive weapons.

Paladins are somewhat similar to warriors, but they are more flexible in the type of combat. They can be tanks, healers, and damage dealers. By choosing a specialization later in the game, you can decide which way you want to go.

Rogues are good damage dealers and are famous for their stealth modes. They are good at avoiding the attacks of their enemies and can quickly retreat. Rouges’ weak point is their armor as it is leather and does not provide good protection.

Hunters’ specialty is ranged weapon’s damage as they are good with guns and arrows. Their primary bonus is their pets who help in fights and sometimes shield their masters. The class is rather fast in leveling. The armor can be both light leather and mail.

Priests are excellent healers but can be good at ranged damage as well. This class has a powerful set of healing abilities that restore their own health and help the allies. They can also achieve rather impressive damage points from a distance. However, priests remain vulnerable due to the lack of heavy armor.

Shamans, like Paladins, are a hybrid class, but they are better at healing and damage dealing. Shamans work with totems that allow them to increase one or another function. There is a wide range of totems that can be used. The class is suitable for both melee and ranged damage, and you can equip them with leather, mail, and shield armor according to the chosen specialty.

Another hybrid class is Druids. Gaining the strength from nature itself, this class can turn into animals, which helps them not only travel faster but conform to their main task as well. Unfortunately, they do not have much choice in terms of the armor—only cloth or leather, though for better defense druids turn into bears.

Mages provide very high ranged damage and can expand the mana bar to use heavy spells. They can also attack several enemies at a time, freeze them, or turn them into animals. Transportation for mages is easier than for the other classes, as they can teleport characters between cities. The development of the class requires the enhancement of magic schools.

The Warlock class is the most similar one to mages. They both use spells and fight from a distance. The differences lie in the kind of magic they use. Warlocks work with fire and shadow damage and can summon both their allies and demonic pets. All their magic is based on demonic presence and demonic means that help them in combats.

The Monk is a hybrid type that slightly differs from all others. Alongside mana, monks use their chi energy and rely on their hands and feet in combats, meaning mostly melee damage points. The class successfully combines healing and attacking abilities that kill enemies and heal the allies at the same time.

Demon Hunters are a very restricted class as only elves can acquire it. Heavy armor makes them good tanks, and one-handed weapon provides good damage. They are very fast and can even teleport into battles. Though they are supposedly blind, these hunters can perceive the hiding enemies.

The last but not least is the class of Death Knights. It is not a class for beginners because you have to have at least one character of the 55th level. Death Knights themselves start the game from the level 55 in a floating necropolis. They are good at defense and melee damage. They increase the power of their weapon by forging special runes into the blades. In a battle, the knights can freeze or weaken their enemies and control the dead.


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