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Witcher 3 Most Emotional Quest: Family Matter

Witcher 3 Most Emotional Quest: Family Matter

Due to the great work of developers, plot writers and all of the whole team that worked on the game The Witcher 3 gameplay is full of unpredictable twists, thought-provoking situations, and interesting characters. Many people who have already played through the main plot, as well as the Witcher side quests  agree that the Family Matters quest is one of the most difficult and emotionally tense stories in the game.

When Geralt arrives at Velen, torn by war between Temeria and Nilfgaard, he finds nothing but devastation. In search of his adopted daughter, Ciri, Geralt encounters a character named Baron who obviously knows something about Ciri. And here the difficult part begins—Baron will not say a single word unless Geralt helps him to find his own family. The two men are very similar, and this similarity makes each character more vivid and distinct. Both are connected to war somehow (Baron is a former soldier), both are tough and would do anything for their families.

According to the quest designer, Pawel Sasko, Baron’s controversial personality was aimed to depict the difficulties of the whole city of Velen. It lies in the places of astonishing natural beauty, surrounded by hills and forests, but it is ruined by the horrible war. Baron personalizes the city and probably the whole country, Temeria, that desperately fights for its freedom. The roots of the quest plot can be easily tracked down to Sasko’s childhood in a small village in the Polish mountains, where he could see families destroyed by domestic violence and alcoholism. Yet, there still were very loyal and devoted parents.

Fascinated by this complexity, Sasko created a character who personifies familiar love, cruelty, intricacy and true devotion. You can never quite rely on what Baron says, he seems to fool you every time he opens his mouth. According to Sasko, this is exactly what he wanted the character to be like in order to depict the complexity of the Baron’s story and human life as the whole.

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