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Why Altered Carbon Is Game Of Thrones For Cyberpunk

Why Altered Carbon Is Game Of Thrones For Cyberpunk

Altered Carbon is out now on Netflix and we’re quite big fans of it. Between the cyberpunk sci-fi world, the who-dun-it detective story, and the cast of memorable characters, we think it’s one of the best shows on the streaming service.

Although sci-fi continues to be perennially popular, cyberpunk as a genre is still somewhat niche. In 2018, however, it is on the cusp of grabbing the attention of a much broader market, and we think Altered Carbon could have a big part of that.

In the video, above Lucy and Tamoor discuss the show in detail, tackling the show’s themes, its plot, characters, production, and everything else in between. It’s a spoiler-filled deep dive, so we recommend watching the series first and then coming back to hear their thoughts.

Alternatively, you can watch our spoiler-free Altered Carbon review for a broader look at why we like it. We also have a written Altered Carbon review for you to check out. The show is also densely packed with information, so we’ve also put together a video breaking down of all the Altered Carbon jargon you need to know.


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