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When will we see the next Pikmin?

When will we see the next Pikmin?

If you like to manage little garden creatures from a faraway planet, we have some great news for you. First of all, there will be a continuation of the Pikmin game series. Secondly, Pikmin 4 is on its final development stage, according to Shigeru Miyamoto. The game is “very close” to its completion, said Mr. Miyamoto in his interview to Eurogamer in July. Now we have got a confirmation of the fact from Nintendo.

When will it be released?

Unfortunately, the fact of the game being developed was the only thing confirmed by Nintendo officials. The date of the release, just as a type of a platform for the game is still unknown. But, since Pikmin 4 is heading to its final development stage, we may suggest that the upcoming game will become the next title for both the current Nintendo consoles, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

It is less possible that Pikmin 4 will be launched on the upcoming Nintendo hardware, codenamed NX. The brand new platform, first announced in March, is not going to be officially released until 2016. According to certain posts on the Internet, including both rumors and official statements, the hardware is due to be totally disk free and will not kick Wii U and 3Ds out of the market. At least, for the first time after NX’s launch.

What is the Pikmin series about?

For those who are not familiar with one of the cutest Nintendo games, here are some valuable details about the Pikmin game. Pikmin is a mix of the strategy and the time-management genres. The main character, named Captain Olimar, is the leader of a group of little garden creaturespikmin. His goal is to protect his friends from dangers that are hidden in the game’s fantastic world. And so is your main goal, too.

There are three parts of the series out there. The first game was launched in 2001 on the GameCube. Nintendo has re-released the game later in 2009 on the Wii platform.

Three years after, Nintendo released the sequel of the first game. Pikmin 2 was also launched on the GameCube, and the third part, Pikmin 3, was released in 2008 on the Wii U game console.

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