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Watch Us Taste Test The McDonald's Szechuan Sauce From Rick And Morty

Watch Us Taste Test The McDonald's Szechuan Sauce From Rick And Morty

If you’re a fan of Rick and Morty you’ll be familiar with the unhealthy, mostly unexplained obsession the show’s manic super-genius protagonist has with Szechaun Sauce. The limited edition condiment from McDonald’s was mentioned in the first episode of season three, and since then has spiraled into somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. In fact, it’s reached the point where McDonald’s is actually bringing it back, but for a very limited time.

The sauce will be available today in limited quantities at select restaurants. Given the incredible popularity of Rick and Morty and the fanbase’s obsession with the one-off joke, it’s going to be tricky to get some of the sauce. Even more so because some of the restaurants that were supposed to have the sauce haven’t received shipments.

Thankfully, McDonald’s did us a solid and sent some to our very own Michael Rougeau, who, along with Entertainment Tonight’s Ash Crossan, put it to the taste test. See what they both thought of it below.


The final episode of Rick and Morty‘s third season was, as expected, crazy and filled with references to unpack and plot points to analyse. As always, GameSpot’s Buddy Hutton got to work and you can watch his Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 10 “The Rickchurian Mortydate” breakdown here.

Buddy has also gone back through the whole third season of Rick and Morty and put together a compilation of the best Rick moments, so give that a watch too while you’re at it.


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