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Watch New Persona 5 Video to See 18 Minutes of Gameplay

Watch New Persona 5 Video to See 18 Minutes of Gameplay

A new Persona 5 gameplay video has been posted online, providing an 18-minute long look at Atlus’ highly anticipated PS4 and PS3 role-playing game.

Although the video is in Japanese, we get to see some of the game’s colorful cast of characters living their lives, which includes visiting cafes, working on their hand-to-hand combat skills, and going to the movies (on a date, it seems). Fans of the series will know this is how players strengthen the bonds between characters and develop their skills.

Of course there’s some battle footage in the video too. Take a look below.

The footage seems to have been captured from a livestream. The game was set to be shown off 27 hours from now, according to a countdown clock on the official Persona 5 website.

Persona 5 launches in Japan this September, but won’t be out in North America until February 14, 2017. It does not have a release European release date, but recently Atlus signed a publishing deal with Deep Silver to bring its game to Europe.

We learned a number of new things about Persona 5 at E3 in June, including the fact that you can expect to be quizzed in school. We also got another look at Persona 5’s stunning menus.


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