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Unravel: Little Yarny Will Touch Your Heart

Unravel: Little Yarny Will Touch Your Heart

This is Yarny

This is Yarny

Unravel starts off with an elderly woman who loses one ball of yarn out of her basket. The woman’s house is the central hub of the game, it is full of “home sweet home” cushions and other comfortable knick-knacks associated with the grandparents’ house.

The main hero is a tiny red string creature called Yarny, with which you will fall in love at first glance. You will explore the world and overcome obstacles created by the laws of physics with the help of this little creature and his yarn. His signature yarn trailing acts as a gameplay feature, which allows him to swing across gaps, push objects, and it can also become a lifeline to a previously explored territory.

There are plenty of things you can do with the red yarn, like building a bridge or a trampoline in order to climb to higher objects. During the game, your hero will jump between rocks and across chasms, ride a bike, climb through trees with the help of a seesaw, overlap sea waves, and even flee from crabs.

By overcoming the obstacles, you will solve difficult brain teasers, which in most cases have several solutions, but sometimes there is only one possible.

Throughout all the levels, Yarny is always moving, even when standing in one place. He looks at the passing objects, shakes the water off himself after a dip, or chases a butterfly. All his movements seem like he is constantly reacting to the environment, independent from you.

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