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Total Monkery works on a new horror game

Total Monkery works on a new horror game

The worst nightmare of almost any kid is to find themselves locked in an empty store, at night, with no one else around them. The Total Monkery developers have created a VR game where this nightmare comes to life. The Late Night Shop game is in a pre-alpha state now. But, since you have an opportunity to download it for free, there is no reason to walk away from the downloadable horror games like Late Night Shop.

The storyline is quite simple―the main character is locked down inside an empty store and needs to find an exit. The horror part of the game hides in dozens of mannequins that are standing at almost every corner of the room. Or, to be more precise, in those mannequins that are following you through the whole building.

The game has a number of levels with a different amount of obstacles like corners, racks and furniture that will definitely work against you. On the every level, you need to find an exit before the mannequins will catch you. The good news is that these creepy creatures cannot move when you look straight at them. But we have some bad news, though. To make Late Night Shop look as realistic as possible, the developers added a “blink” option.

It means that your character will blink like every normal human being, so these plastic prototypes will have lots of tiny chances to catch you. This is why you need to move really fast and you also need not forget to look around every few seconds. And we do not recommend you to let these mannequins surround you, because, if at least two of them will stand on both your sides, you will have no chances.

The Late Night Shop game is a first-person mannequin evader. According to the game’s official website, there is only a VR version of Late Night Shop for now. You need to use Oculus Rift DK2 in order to try out the pre-alpha of the game. The PC version of the LNS game will be launched later, but we do not have a specific release date for it right now. The developers are currently working on the multiplayer mode, too. It will be a two-players mode, actually. One of the players will be the stalking mannequin whose main goal is not to let the second player out of the dark store.

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