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Total Monkery is not the Only Studio to Create VR Game

Total Monkery is not the Only Studio to Create VR Game

The sudden interest in the development of even more new virtual reality headsets also influenced video game developers. We have already unveiled the news about an upcoming game Late Night Shop that is being developed by Total Monkery, but it is not the only company that is focused on virtual reality games.

There are some VR titles that you can already play, but even more of them are expected to be released in the near future.

One of the most expected games for PlayStation VR is Final Fantasy 14. There is still little to none information available on the details of this MMO game. The developers have not even announced the release date yet.

Another awaited title is the next installment of Until Dawn. It seems that Supermassive Games is ready to bring the project to a new level. Playing this survival horror game with the VR headset is the closest to being in a horror movie.

Alongside the above-mentioned games for PS VR, there are a couple of titles that will be released for Oculus Rift. The most prominent of them are a multiplayer game EVE: Valkyrie and Robinson: The Journey that will present you with a beautifully created world with a fascinating ecosystem.

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