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Top 5 Post-Apocalyptic PC Games You Should Try to Play

Top 5 Post-Apocalyptic PC Games You Should Try to Play

A human civilization that has almost become extinct attracts a lot of gamers that are eager to repair the destroyed world and connect all its pieces. That is why we have gathered the five best post-apocalyptic PC games. Be ready to meet the near future full of zombies, ruins, and just a couple of survivors.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is the next version of the well-known Fallout 2. The events occur in the ruined Washington 36 years after the Fallout 2 events. The main game plot revolves around the disappearance of the main character’s father and the trials to find him by setting out from the Vault 101.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is the most popular video game, in which gamers have to leave the Vault to explore the unknown land. This Fallout chapter occurs in Boston, USA. The game allows players to make a lot of side quests, proposing additional missions that are not connected with the storyline. The graphics are so impressive that Fallout 4 became loved by millions of people in a short period of time.

Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light describes the world one year after the Metro 2033 events. The storyline is rather simple: a survivor Artyom crushes the enemy groups to have total control over Metro. However, the amazingly high-quality graphics and the thrilling action gameplay made it the best shooter of 2013.


Imagine that the USA has been destroyed in a nuclear war, today it is 2087, and you are in the desert in Nevada, leading a group of survived soldiers called Desert Rangers. The main purpose of the game is to expose the offenders in the surrounding regions. Although the game was released in 1988, it still holds the leading position in most lists of post-apocalyptic games.

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is a video game that had been anticipated for more than 25 years and was named The Best Game of 2014. In this game, the players control the territory of the ranger recruits who are seeking to find out who or what killed the Desert Ranger Ace a long time ago.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

This game shows the world that is full of consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster after the second fictitious explosion. The player wanders around the area called Zone, which is full of mutants, people stricken by radiation, and unexplainable events, because the rules of nature do not apply anymore.


RAGE brings the player to the future, where the mankind looks for salvation from the asteroid bound for the Earth, hiding in the Arks under the ground. After the asteroid dust settles, people leave the arks to face the new world, a strange world that will become their home. The RAGE protagonist is the only one who survived in his Ark but has lost his memory.

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