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Top-18 PC Games Released in 2015

Top-18 PC Games Released in 2015

This year gave us a lot of fascinating and hypnotizing PC games. Here at GamesDailyNews, we have compiled a list of PC games released in 2015 that have impressed us the most. There will be seven genres with in total 18 games we think were the best this year.


Shooters are the most logical choice to open the list of the most popular game genres. It does not really matter how old are you when it comes to shooting down a few zombies, aliens or some creepy strangers. Here are the best PC shooters released in the last 12 months.


Release Date: Dec. 7, 2015

Developer: Arrowhead Game Studios

Helldivers is a perfect example of a modern shoot ’em up PC game. In this game, you will find everything you would expect from a good shooter: interesting gameplay, amazing special effects, great soundtrack, and lots of alien enemies to be killed. Furthermore, the game has a non-linear mission structure, so you better be prepared for some unexpected events.

Join the elite unit of Helldivers, cooperate with your friends and do your best to protect mankind and your planet.

Halo: Spartan Strike

Release Date: April 16, 2015

Developers: 343 Industries, Vanguard Games

Halo: Spartan Strike gives you a few incredible opportunities: unbelievably large arsenal of weapons, dozens of impressive missions to go through, and a chance to become the best spartan warrior of the week.

While shooting and crushing your enemies, you will have to go through various locations, including big cities and jungles. Think fast, act bravely, improve your fighting skills, and kill without hesitations if you really want to make it to the top of the leader board.


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