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Top 10 Coolest First Person Shooters for Android

Top 10 Coolest First Person Shooters for Android

You can see thousands of applications for your Android-based devices at the Google Play store, but it is quite hard to find a thrilling game, on which you would be willing to spend your time and hard-earned money. Specially for those who like first-person shooter (FPS) games, GamesDailyNews has prepared a list of the best shooter games for Android you can enjoy right now.

Playing games on Android devices is becoming increasingly popular due to large HD displays and powerful processors inside the flagship models. First-person shooter versions for Android are in high demand and can also boast of the best graphics. Unfortunately, there are only a few which you will definitely play with pleasure, and below are some of the best Android shooting games.

In this list, we tried to include games that satisfy different tastes, so whether you prefer casual arcade style games or intense FPS, you will definitely find something for yourself.


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