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Too Scary to Play: Games Banned by Government

Too Scary to Play: Games Banned by Government

If you see “game 18 pc,” you probably imagine something really dirty or violent. But actually, a lot of our beloved games are rated 18+, including the Grand Theft Auto franchise, The Witcher, Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, and others. Of course, explicit images in these games are used to show the life in its diversity (and, let us be honest, to attract the audience), but sometimes the developers go too far and get banned on the highest level.

We are sure you cannot imagine how many countries banned computer games due to a breach of the law—for depicting nudity, violence, same-sex relations, etc. Altogether, 29 countries banned various games from being distributed, advertised, and popularized on their territory. Some countries seem like the obvious candidates for this list, such as China, for example. The censorship is strong here by default, so it is no surprise that it touched computer games too. In China, you are not able to play Battlefield 4, Command & Conquer Generals, Football Manager 2005, Heart of Iron, and I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike. It is interesting to note that two of these games are prohibited due to depicting some problematic Chinese territories as independent lands (Tibet, Sinkiang, and Manchuria).

But much like the communist-governed states, many democratic countries also have long lists of banned games. For example, Germany has banned 21 computer games. Among them are some legendary pieces of gaming production, such as Left 4 Dead, three editions of Mortal Combat, and Dead Rising. The games were mainly banned due to high rates of violence, sex references, cruelty, and occasional Nazi allusions.

South Korea, the motherland of great and famous e-sportsmen, has banned five games overall. They were banned because of excessive cruelty. Two of them were banned due to descriptions of the Korean War and Korea under the governance of Kim Jong-un. In the UK, you could not play three games for some period of time: Carmageddon, Manhunt 2, and The Punisher. All of these three games were modified in order to fit the requirements, and the cut versions were put on the market.

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