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This Game About Cleaning Up Bloody Murder Scenes Gets A New Trailer

This Game About Cleaning Up Bloody Murder Scenes Gets A New Trailer

Serial Cleaner is an indie game with a twist on a grotesque premise — instead of going through levels and murdering hordes of faceless enemies, you’re tasked with cleaning up the aftermath of somebody else’s murder spree. To see some of what the game has in store, we got an early look at the trailer above.

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Serial Cleaner’s story mode will encompass a 20-level campaign that, morbidly enough, takes you through some scenes inspired by real-life murders from the 1970s. According to a spokesperson for the game, levels will include: “A boxing gym, a disco club, a roadside motel, a sleazy bar, or the rooftops of downtown blocks.” And the game will also include challenge modes to increase the game’s difficulty. “One of the Challenge Modes,” a spokesperon told us via email, “erases the visual cones of police officers, another changes the visuals, as if Cleaner was completely drunk.”

Interestingly, some of the challenges are dependent on when you play the game. “Some of the challenges can be only played at night, because Serial Cleaner implements real-world data. That means that if you play our game on any platform at night, and you’re connected to the Internet, it’s also night in the game! And that influences the gameplay.”

Serial Cleaner is currently availble through early access on Steam, and it’s set to release sometime this on Xbox One and PS4.


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