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The things you will face in the Mad Max video game

The things you will face in the Mad Max video game

A new movie Mad Max: Fury Road caused a great amount of discussions. Unlike the Fury Road, Avalanche’s Mad Max computer game is not only about car chases through the desert. Of course, there are mad scavengers driving dreadful machines but the pace of the game is immaculately organized. The studio successfully combines the frantic movie world with a common task-based playthrough of modern games. You will spend plenty of time not only wondering “the plains of silence” but gathering items and completing quests as well. A video game cannot be compared to a 2-hour movie so we should expect more details and a somewhat slower unraveling of the plot. Nevertheless, the video game remains parallel to the movie—you will face the same antagonists, locations, and War Boys. It is certainly beneficial in terms of marketing, but the Mad Max game has no own ideas. Maybe, the only Avalanche’s addition to the plot is the creation of a powerful fire-breathing wasteland vehicle “Magnum Opus”. You will need to collect a lot of scrap to upgrade an old world car. Scrap in Mad Max is a universal currency that you will gather both through fighting and simply by rummaging piles of boxes.

Eventually, your character will upgrade and acquire special devices that will help to gather scrap at a faster pace. Unfortunately, with the development of these installed devices the game becomes almost too easy and starts losing its appeal.

The design of Mad Max is very similar to any modern open world PC game of Ubisoft/WB Games varieties. Unfortunately, this coin has two sides. The positive side is that the design and gameplay are comfortable and familiar for players. On the other hand, Mad Max has nothing unique and you could easily replace it with any other game. The very few unique pieces of the Avalance’s creation will not fully consume you—players might get bored very fast. Though you will be busy with many things to do, the majority of them are the same—they just repeat over and over again.

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