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The last chapter of StarCraft 2 will be launched this fall

The last chapter of StarCraft 2 will be launched this fall

The world will see the next part of the legendary game in November, according to Blizzard’s statement published last weekend. The SratCraft 2: Legacy of the Void preorder is now open. Take advantage of preordering the game for $40 and get full access to the expansion’s beta-version. You will also be able to try out a three-missions prologue. Should you preorder Digital Deluxe Edition for $60 you will get the same advantage. To start exploring the beta you need to be a regular user of the game’s official website

Along with the date of the upcoming launch of the game, the Blizzard developers have also shown a new trailer for the final part of the Starcraft 2 saga. There are a lot of fabulous fighting scenes and breathtaking special effects in the Legacy of the Void cinematic, so you can make sure that Blizzard Entertainment is keeping its high standards just by watching the trailer.

The game gets a new storyline

Although the forthcoming StarCraft 2 expansion is the next chapter of the main storyline, you can play it as a completely independent game. Still, Legacy of the Void is an integral part of the StarCraft 2 game. It will push the StarCraft 2’s storyline to the finish line, so the gamers will see what the fate of the Protoss race will be. The expansion’s gameplay is based on the story of Aiur. This world was occupied by the merciless, cruel Zerg Swarm back in Starcraft I. To retake the Protoss homeworld back, the main protagonist Hierarch Artanis created the Golden Armada―a forceful, speedy fleet of warships. But instead of fighting with the Swarm, Artanis is forced to face another, more serious threat―Amon, the ancient entity which threatens to smash the whole galaxy.

To attract the players’ attention, Blizzard opened access to Whispers of Oblivion―the three-missions prologue to the entire expansion. In this prologue, the gamers will need to form a new alliance with Zeratul and to complete three different missions in order to save Aiur.

There will be three more features in the game

Along with many more hours of gameplay, the Legacy of the Void expansion brings three new features to the game:

• Automated Tournaments as daily competition;

• Archon Mode for two-players competition;

• Allied Commanders for cooperative battles.

The StarCraft 2 game will be officially revealed on November 10 for PC (Mac OS X and Microsoft OS). As you might already know from our recent publication, the Fallout 4 release is set on the exact same day.

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