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The hidden options in Metal Gear Solid 5

The hidden options in Metal Gear Solid 5

Metal Gear Solid 5 has a lot of useful things you don’t know about.

When you call for the supplies, a helicopter becomes a useful game option. Only a few players know that you can choose your enemy’s location as you armor’s drop point. The package will fall right on the heads of the soldiers and knock them out.

The fan’s favorite cardboard box is back. Equipped with this box you can press the dive button and slide down the hill in it. A pleasurable bonus is the fact that you can take out enemies this way. The box can also be customized with various posters that have different effects on your enemies. For example, if you decorate it with a bikini girl poster, the box will draw the attention of enemy guards. The Soviet Guard poster will trick the Afghanistan soldiers into thinking of you as their comrade.

Traveling between different locations on the map can become faster even without the use of helicopters. You can use orange platforms that are situated within the enemies’ outposts or bases. Activate them with the help of the invoices on the signs near the hathpaces. Now you can travel between all the activated platforms: just equip a cardboard box and choose the destination on the iDroid map.

Not many know that your weapon can be modified according to your likes. You just need to extract the Legendary Gunsmith. After the mission 13 the Side-Op 107 will be opened. The mission will lead to the Ops 108 and 109, the completion of which will provide the customization icon under the Mother Base tab on your iDroid.

Your Aerial Command Center has a lot of photos and notes on the walls. In the course of the game, more pictures and tokens of your adventures will be added. Keep the track of them as at any time some may appear, and some may be removed, and their contentscan be striking and mind-blowing.

Horse poop can help you dispose of your enemies. When you reach high levels of the game your road ambushes can become more creative. On the missions with a D-Horse you can unlock the ability of your horse to defecate at any time. It may seem funny but useless. In fact, your “vehicle’s” poop can cause cars to spin out of control and crush. If you have little time and some C4 from the Mother Base is not an option such simple trick can neutralize your enemy’s jeep.

Have you ever wanted a personal zoo? In Metal Gear Solid five you have a possibility to create an Animal Conservation Platform. In the missions 7-10 extract at least 6 wild animals to jumpstart the development. You can visit the platform anytime—just press the triangle\Y button.

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