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The Division's Big 1.7 Update Out Now For Free, Patch Notes Released

The Division's Big 1.7 Update Out Now For Free, Patch Notes Released

Ubisoft has launched the latest update for The Division, introducing a number of new features and refinements. It has also shared patch notes for update 1.7, offering a complete rundown on everything that’s now available.

As announced previously, 1.7 introduces Global Events, which are limited-time events with special rewards and gameplay modifiers. The first of these is now underway and features “new enemy behavior due to the severity of a virus outbreak.” Taking part will get you access to Classified gear sets, which are new, higher-end items added in this update.

Fans of customization have reason to celebrate, as the Base of Operations is now home to what we can only assume is a magical mirror. By interacting with it, you’re able to customize your character’s face. Additionally, face masks have been added as a new cosmetic item type; these can be obtained through Global Events. Patches are also new and can be displayed on your character’s arm, though you must first unlock them by completing certain Commendations, which serve as a replacement for Feats. Commendations offer new objectives for players to complete–as well as various rewards for doing so.

Other changes of note include tweaks to Survival to make its rewards more worthwhile; blueprints, currency, and crafting materials are now shared across characters; and a hard cap on RPM for all weapons that can’t be exceeded. Encrypted Caches have also been added and contain unique cosmetic items. They can be opened by purchasing a key with real-world money or through gameplay.

You can check out the full patch notes on The Division’s website. The 1.7 update is out now for free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and is the first of two major patches planned for the game’s second year.


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