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The changes were made. Bungie improves the Taken King

The changes were made. Bungie improves the Taken King

When you play the Destiny game, you can feel the unique atmosphere and the sense of inspiration that it provides. The video game expanded very quickly despite a numerous fanbase representatives who heavily criticized all the possible faults of the Bungie’s creation. The developers tried to fix the problems and carry out what they promised. They addressed the dubious loot system, disappointing storyline and the problems with the way you can progress.

As a result, the first changes affected the plotline. At the beginning of the Taken King, the main antagonist king Oryx is introduced. Even previously voiceless non-player characters are fleshed now. The game’s developer Bungie created a humorous story with the help of the charming Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6. The designers overhauled Ghosts—the artificial intellects that all Guardians in Destiny have. Now they have new personalities and an ability to scan the surroundings.

The criticism about the looting system was heard as well. Fascinatingly designed gear and guns are pleasing to find and fun to play with. Now you can leave your fully upgraded Gjallarhorn in the vault as you will find a new rocket launcher early in the game that is significantly better than the previous one. The chances are that there will be other upgraded weapons.

Now you will have more fun during the campaigns, as you will now have access to numerous guns and small victories along the way. The shiny colorful engrams now burst with careless abandon.

Now you will be able to upgrade the blue level gear (it is graded as “Rare”) once you put purple staff (it is graded as “Legendary”) in the slots. All these improvements guarantee that the previous complaints about RNG and Forever 29 are in the past.

Bungie created a lot of new enemies that do not resemble Halo this time. Your first encounters with Goblins or Fallen Captains will leave you grinning. A gigantic battleship Dreadnaught has a lot of new missions and provides various pastimes.

If you like participating in raids, you will enjoy the boss fights. You can take the Shield Brothers and work together in rushing melees.

There is also a new menu that contains all the hot keyboard keys. This option will help you familiarize yourself with the new controls.

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