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The best games to start your MOBA experience

The best games to start your MOBA experience

If you want to play a multiplayer online battle arena game you will have to choose between a number of different MOBAs. The popularity of this genre brings a diversity of game titles—you may have heard some of them, but a few are known only to the true fans of arenas.

In these games you can join a team (it is a “group game”) and do everything in your power to destroy the towers of your enemy. You win the game by crushing your opponent’s main structure. Later in the game your characters will level up and upgrade their skills

Despite the same core mechanics, different battle arena games provide different options. If you want to try an MOBA game but have no clue which one to buy, here is the overview of the top MOBA games and their key features.

League of Legends

Each player can choose ten champions a week. In total, there are 120 champions that are divided into groups and thus can change every week. If you want to be able to select a champion at any time, you can buy the access to a specific champion by transferring real money or using Influence Points earned in matches.

Each team has the main Nexus building surrounded by towers. After the destruction of the Nexus a team loses.

Each team member has a specific role, he needs to know the game terms and the structure of the matches. All players of the team need to buy their champions items for matches. Before playing the game, you will need to learn the terms and recipes. The average game lasts from 20 minutes to an hour.

Dota 2

In Dota 2 you choose your free heroes from a common database. Each team has the main structure called the Ancient, which is surrounded by offensive towers. As in League of Legends, a team loses when its main structure is destroyed.

Apart from the standard options you will have to consider your opponent skills and enemy tower kills. Teleport scrolls allow players to move around the map. Matches usually last about 40 minutes or longer.

Heroes of the Storm

The range of characters, that are called heroes in this game, is represented by the cast of such games as Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, and Lost Vikings. The players have 7 heroes available to them.

In this game, you can choose different maps, that are the actual battlegrounds for your future matches. As in all battleground games, the main aim is to destroy your enemy’s core. The average battle lasts no longer than 30 minutes.

Before playing any MOBA game, you will have to learn different strategies, skills and tactics. All battle arenas will take quite a lot of your time.

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