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The Arguments Gamers Will Always Have

The Arguments Gamers Will Always Have

Can eSports Be Considered Real Sports?

Can eSports Be Considered Real Sports?

The revenue of eSports is more than 600 million dollars. More than 15 million people are involved in it. But still, is it real sports or not?

Gordon Hayward, a professional NBA player, says that eSports can be considered real sports. eSports teams of gamers compete with each other, have rules and judges. On the other hand, eSports is not a physical activity. However, one still needs reflexes and skills to win in eSports.

You can see that this argument is rather tough to settle, and we suppose that it will never come to an end.

IsGame Equal to Art?

Remember Roger Ebert and his fabulous quote “games can never be art”? His impressive article on the topic of video games had become a knockdown argument. However, in response, Gamasutra published a three-page article about the hard work of game designers and video games developers, telling that any game was obviously a piece of art. But today, such arguments still take place, and there does not seem to be one right answer.

Innovations in Call of Duty

When Call of Duty: Ghosts was released, it got plenty of positive reviews. However, it was criticized as well. That has become a cornerstone. On the one hand, the game is great and has devotees all over the world, but on the other hand, Call of Duty release did not show much innovation. Some critics say that the developers seem to have used the same prize winning ticket once again. As you see, there are two schools of thought about that, and it is hard to tell who is right.

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