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  • Mad Max—Useful Tips for Beginners

    Mad Max—Useful Tips for Beginners0

    After spending almost half a day playing the new crazy game Mad Max and getting acquainted with its details, we came up with a few main Mad Max tips that would be useful for any player since this game was released not so long ago. We hope that in this article everyone will find something

  • 5 Best Post-Apocalyptic PC Games

    5 Best Post-Apocalyptic PC Games0

    Post-apocalyptic video games are hypnotizing, at least when it comes to the best apocalypses shown in PC games. There, you can find everything, from intriguing legends of the End of Days to unbelievable landscapes, terrifying yet still fascinating. And, of course, these games are impossible without their magnificent soundtracks that suit all these destroyed lands

  • Mad Max Review: Useful Tips for Best Playing Experience

    Mad Max Review: Useful Tips for Best Playing Experience2

    You may be a super-experienced player, but every new game requires its own approach. And there are a lot of tricks you would wish you had known before launching the “Mad Max”. So, here are some tips found in Mad Max review from a gamer who had spent almost 50 hours non-stop playing the game.

  • The things you will face in the Mad Max video game

    The things you will face in the Mad Max video game0

    A new movie Mad Max: Fury Road caused a great amount of discussions. Unlike the Fury Road, Avalanche’s Mad Max computer game is not only about car chases through the desert. Of course, there are mad scavengers driving dreadful machines but the pace of the game is immaculately organized. The studio successfully combines the frantic