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Stranger Things 2 Was Watched By One Third Of All US Netflix Subscribers

Stranger Things 2 Was Watched By One Third Of All US Netflix Subscribers

The second season of Stranger Things was released on Netflix last Friday, and it’s apparently already been a huge hit. According to estimates released by ratings company Nielsen, the show’s premiere episode averaged almost 16 million views during its firs three days.

That’s a lot of viewers, even for a TV show as popular as Stranger Things. According to Netflix’s most recently published numbers, the service has over 52 million American subscribers–meaning right around 30 percent of subscribers watched Stranger Things 2. In addition, if you binge-watched the entire season, you’re not alone. Nielsen estimates that 361,000 people watched every single episode on the first day of release.

Of course, these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. Netflix is notoriously guarded about its viewership numbers; Nielsen estimates them through surveys and other unpublished metrics. Nonetheless, these numbers are probably at least in the ballpark of the real viewership, meaning that Stranger Things 2 is quite the success for Netflix.

In other news, we noticed a ton of ’80s references in Stranger Things Season 2, which we put together into a gallery. PlayStation 4 is also getting a Stranger Things VR experience; check out the first trailer here.


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