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Star Wars: Interregnum—Adventures Far, Far Away in a Distant Galaxy

Star Wars: Interregnum—Adventures Far, Far Away in a Distant Galaxy

More than eight years ago, Ironclad Games released its amazing science fiction computer game that occupied the minds and hearts of the whole generation of dreamers. Sins of a Solar Empire is a real-time strategy that surprises every player with a global gaming process, futuristic graphics and, of course, spectacular space battles. But many fans of this epic strategy love it so much because of the captivating mods and expansions that fill the main game with breathtaking episodes. For instance, in 2016, a new mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion will be released—Star Wars: Interregnum. Obviously, the legendary Force affected the imagination of game developers.

The Mix

This upcoming mod will be an inimitable mixture of two legendary universes. On one hand, it builds off the great Enhanced 4X Mod that was extremely successful even among the most sophisticated and demanding players. But on the other hand, developers claim that they created the atmosphere just like in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Every player will get a chance to fight with his favorite characters that came straight from the Star Wars universe.

The Plot

After reading the plot of Sins of a Solar Empire: Star Wars mod, every fan of George Lucas’ history-making franchise begins to count days and hours to the mod release. Now, turn on your imagination.

The empire of Vasari has been trying to escape from the mysterious terror for many years. Desperate and frightened, they are using a special temperate wormhole to hide somewhere in a safer place. Somehow the Vasari are arriving at the Galaxy Far, Far Away. But the dwellers of that place are not very happy to welcome such guests. Indeed, it is very difficult to be hospitable when a giant armada knocks on the door of your galaxy. It seems that trillions of selfless refugees in thousands of warships are not searching for peace. The new cruel conflict begins.

The Fractions

The mod will enrich the Sin Galaxy universe with some new fractions that rule the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Here they are:

• Galactic Empire

This dark amalgamation is ruled by Darth Vader—the mighty villain who decided to join the wrong side. Of course, the Empire is looking for absolute power.

Rebel Alliance

They are the main enemies of the cruel Empire. These space superheroes are fighting for justice and peace in the Galaxy.

 New Republic (was not released)

This is a union of free planets that just want to preserve independence in the time of war and violence.

Imperial Warlords

The fraction consists of ambitious Imperial commanders that are dreaming about their own part of the Galaxy to rule.

New planets, improved gameplay, and perfect compatibility with E4X’s system make gamers fall in love with this mod at first sight. So, the opponents are ready, let the star war begin!

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