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SNES Classic Edition Pre-orders Available Right Now In The US [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]

SNES Classic Edition Pre-orders Available Right Now In The US [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]

Update: Sure enough, the SNES Classic has sold out. We’ll report back as other retailers bring their SNES Classic pre-orders online, though keep in mind we don’t yet know how soon those will be coming.

Original Story: The Super NES Classic Edition is available for pre-order right now in the United States. You can place an order through Walmart’s website, but hurry–it’s possible they will sell out quickly.

The micro console was announced In June and a round of pre-orders became available in Europe soon after. However, there has been frustratingly little word on how or when those in the US would be able to pre-order. If you miss out on this Walmart availability–or simply prefer to shop elsewhere–it seems likely that other retailers will offer pre-orders prior to the system’s release on September 29.

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For $80, the SNES Classic includes a total of 21 of the Super Nintendo’s best games. One of those games is Star Fox 2, a title that was never officially released to the public. You can see all of the SNES Classic games here.

Last year’s NES Classic Edition was notoriously difficult to come by. It sold out well in advance of its launch, and additional shipments were gone virtually the second they became available. This resulted in prices skyrocketing on the secondhand market. Nintendo ultimately discontinued the system before demand could be satisfied–a situation that many fear will also be the case with the SNES Classic. Nintendo has already said its current plans are only to offer the system until the end of 2017, but it claims it will offer “significantly more” units this time around.


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