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Resident Evil Code: Veronica Part 1 – Resident Kinevil

Resident Evil Code: Veronica Part 1 – Resident Kinevil

Despite ending their Resident Evil 7 playthrough on a note of uncertainty, Mary and Mike are back with Resident Kinevil.

Following the first-person mechanics of the series’ most recent entry, Code: Veronica marks a return to fixed cameras and tank controls for Mary. It also proves to be one of the more challenging Resident Evil games, especially in the first several minutes. Let’s just say: things don’t exactly go according to plan.

To get up to date on Mary and Mike’s playthrough of the Resident Evil games, you can visit the show page here, or its YouTube channel here. It’s been a long road, and as of now, there’s no end in sight. Don’t say you didn’t ask for this.


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