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PS4/PC-Exclusive Fighter Absolver Given Release Date, New Trailer

PS4/PC-Exclusive Fighter Absolver Given Release Date, New Trailer

Developer Sloclap has revealed the release date for its gorgeous-looking fighting game Absolver; the 3D brawler will launch for PlayStation 4 and PC on August 29.

The title allows players to choose one of multiple combat styles to develop their own moveset, with a breadth of customisation options available within each. To explain all this, Sloclap has released a new trailer, which you can watch above.

The developer itself is made up of ex-Ubisoft Paris employees, who were working on Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Watch Dogs until they left to make Absolver. The team cites Dark Souls as a big influence on Absolver, thanks to the former’s deep, interconnecting worlds and accomplished level design.

“The way we thought about building the world and level design–[the Souls games are] supreme lessons in level design,” the company told us at E3 last year. “And [Absolver has] that combat where you get into your timing, and every hit matters and you shouldn’t just be doing things [chaotically].”

No price was announced for Absolver, and there was no mention of any potential Xbox One or Nintendo Switch release. You can read more about the complex beat-’em-up in our E3 2016 preview or in our roundup of the biggest hidden gems of 2017.


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