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Promising 2016: The Most Expected Game Releases

Promising 2016: The Most Expected Game Releases

So many people have been waiting for 2016 to turn over a new life page, to become more successful, and to fulfill all their dreams. But all gamers will definitely suffer from the lack of free time in the new year. They cannot wait for the history-making game releases that will take the game industry to a new level. Stunning graphics, creative plots, realistic characters with amazing life stories—it is so difficult to fix your attention on one game only. It has been estimated that more than 200 games will bombard the gaming market this year! In order not to get lost in the numerous virtual worlds, read about the four hottest upcoming pc games in 2016.

The Darkest Release

Japanese game developers Form Software are going to present the third part of the legendary Dark Souls at the end of March. Unfortunately for the fans, it will be the last game of the series. Screenshots from the game accidentally appeared on the web in December 2015. It is obvious that developers decided to keep the amazing function of multiplayer and the inimitable atmosphere of Dark Souls 2. The fans of the franchise hope that three years of work will result in a sensational RPG action game.

The Wildest Release

Obviously, Ubisoft invented a time machine and changed the whole concept of Far Cry. Instead of strolling along famous Shangri-La, players will enjoy the unspoiled wild beauty of the jungles—in the Stone Age! Fights with dangerous predators, constant improvement of your crafting and hunting skills—all these attributes of the caveman’s life will be found in the new part of Far Cry. The last game of the series did not surprise the sophisticated fans very much, so Far Cry Primal will be the great revenge of Ubisoft. So, in February, gamers will be waiting not for the Valentines Day.

The Most Epic Releases

After four years of intense work, Bioware will satisfy the Mass Effect Universe fans with an epic continuation of the outstanding space saga.  The details of Mass Effect Andromeda are under a cloak of secrecy. One thing is certain: mature Mr. Shepard is not the main character anymore. Moreover, developers said that the story would take place in mysterious Andromeda Galaxy with breathtaking space sceneries. June of 2016 is now officially the month of Mass Effect.

And now imagine: these are only four releases out of more than 200 game premieres. Maintaining this pace, 2016 will be the most productive and successful year in the game industry ever. Game developers have done everything for our entertainment, so just check your system requirements and enjoy the games!

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