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Pokemon Go Takes Up Nearly Half of All Mobile Gaming Purchases in a Single Day

Pokemon Go Takes Up Nearly Half of All Mobile Gaming Purchases in a Single Day

It’s no secret that mobile game Pokemon Go has been vastly popular, but how does the money the game makes compare to other successful mobile apps? According to a report from research company Slice Intelligence, Pokemon Go’s in-game purchases made up 47 percent of total of the entire mobile gaming market in a single day, on July 10.

Credit: Slice Intelligence.

Credit: Slice Intelligence.
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In other words, Pokemon Go almost made more revenue in a single day than every other mobile app combined. In addition, the report suggests that the app may be bringing in first-time mobile gaming spenders. Less than 53 percent of users who spent money in Pokemon Go had made one or zero mobile game purchases in the last six months.

The report alleges that the most popular in-game purchase is the 100 Poke Coin bundle, making up approximately 37 precent of all purchases. However, the app has made the most money from the 1,200 Poke Coin bundles, which cost five dollars.

It’s been estimated that Pokemon Go has already made $14 million. The game was developed by Niantic, and has already outperformed the developer’s previous mobile game, Ingress.

Pokemon Go’s release has also made a big impact on Nintendo’s business outlook, with company shares rising a whopping 86 percent in Tokyo. This translates to a $17 billion increase worth of market capitalization.

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