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PC-Exclusive Master of Orion Reboot Officially Launches Later This Month

PC-Exclusive Master of Orion Reboot Officially Launches Later This Month

The rebooted version of classic 4X game Master of Orion will exit Steam Early Access soon, developer WG Labs announced today.

The new Master of Orion launches on August 25 for $30. There will also continue to be the $50 Collector’s Edition that’s been sold during Early Access. That gets you the three original Master of Orion games in addition to a digital art book, soundtrack, retro ship skins, and exclusive race, the Terran Khanate.

Whichever version you buy, you’ll be entitled to a free copy of another classic RTS, Total Annihilation. Once you’ve bought Master of Orion, you’ll be able to go into the Options menu and link the game to a account to receive the freebie. You can make an account for free if you don’t already have one.

The new Master of Orion is not exactly a remake or remaster. As WG Labs says, it “deliver[s] the best elements of the original series while bringing a new level of gameplay experience for the modern gamer.” It also sports an impressive voice cast, with the likes of Mark Hamill (Star Wars), Alan Tudyk (Firefly), Michael Dorn (Star Trek), and Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street) all on board in addition to video game veterans like Troy Baker and Nolan North.

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We spoke with producer Jacob Beucler earlier this year about the crowded 4X space, which will see Master of Orion competing with the likes of Civilization VI and Stellaris. He thinks WG Labs’ game sets itself apart by offering “a more accessible, more consumable, and more dynamic experience.” You can read more from our interview here.


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