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Nintendo 3Ds Hits in 2016

Nintendo 3Ds Hits in 2016

Nintendo games can bring everyone back to childhood. Simple rules, bright colors, and energetic music can attract a child’s attention for long hours and make every adult fall into deep nostalgia. In 2016, game developers are going to make all Nintendo 3Ds fans very happy by releasing a big number of amazing games. There are three exciting premieres that cannot leave any 90’s child indifferent (and not only them).

Beauty in Minimalism

After the incredible success of simple Flappy Bird-like games, Japanese HAL Laboratory introduced an incredible puzzle platformer Box Boy! The main character with a funny jaw-breaking name Qbby does his best to go through the barriers to the next level.  He produces magic boxes that help him move and fight with enemies. This square hero can be very charming and even somewhat funny!

Players around the globe were crazy about this game. That is why developers created the sequel to Box Boy! Japanese owners of Nintendo 3Ds are enjoying this amusing application now, but the rest of the world will check it out in April.

3D Child of Final Fantasy

Bravely Second: End Layer is considered to be one of the most epic upcoming 3Ds games in 2016. This RPG sequel with bright characters, magic soundtracks, and a unique universe is going to exceed the first part of the franchise.  

The child of Silicon Studio and Square Enix combines in itself all attributes of a good rolling game. Firstly, it has a story with unpredictable plot twists. Political conspiracy, discovering new lands and job classes, powerful princess and her cryst-fairy—all these spoilers were introduced by the Bravely Second developers.

All in all, applications of Square Enix have never been considered to be simple time-killers. And this colorful RPG is not an exception. Bravely Second will make every player plunge into Bravely Default world and experience amazing adventures with mature characters.

Dragons, Magic, Middle Ages

Summer of 2016 will be the happiest time for all fans of RPGs. World-famous developers Heartbeat and ArtePiazza have prepared something delicious for Nintendo 3Ds platform—an English version of Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past. According to social questioning, this is one of the most desirable games to play in the English speaking countries.

Dragon Quest can make everyone feel like a real Medieval discoverer. Unknown lands, scary beasts, hidden treasures are waiting to be explored by the player. It is also very interesting that the episodes of intense battles are shown from a first-person perspective (the rest of the game is not seen this way).

2016 will be the year of history-making comebacks for Nintendo 3Ds platform. No doubt, you will have plenty of new games to enjoy at your leisure.

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