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New Quake Champions 1v1 Mode Shown Off With New Trailer

New Quake Champions 1v1 Mode Shown Off With New Trailer

Quake Champions‘ big technical test is now live to all players on PC, and today publisher Bethesda showed off one of the new modes that’s now playable in the game.

Called Duel Mode, it’s essentially a modified one-on-one deathmatch that takes inspiration from fighting games. Players will each draft three Champions before the match starts; once it begins, they must eliminate all of the other’s Champions to win a round. When a player is killed in a round, they come back to life as one of their remaining Champions. Then, winner of two out of three rounds wins the match.

You can check out a trailer for the new mode above.

Announced last summer, Quake Champions is a class-based take on the old Quake formula. It’s only planned for PC at the moment, but developer id Software has said that a console release isn’t out of the question. It’s coming sometime in 2017, and it’ll be a free-to-play game.

Quake’s tech test runs until May 21 and is open to anyone on PC; you can get a key for the test at Quake’s website. We spent some time with the game back in March and thought it looked promising.


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