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MOBA games—back to the roots

MOBA games—back to the roots

A new sci-fi game Supernova is a complex combination of RTS and MOBA games. Though it is not clear which genre features prevail, the producers of the game define it as an MOBA. The menu of Supernova makes it hard to believe. Starting from the famous Warcraft III mod, most free MOBA games now deviate significantly from real-time strategies. Primal Game Studios tries to reconcile these elements once again. The result ensures that, despite the complexity and the batch of questions, playing Supernova is an intriguing and absorbing experience. Even as a beta, this video game is masterly executed.

The obvious advantages of the game are the familiar 3-lane maps, floods of monsters, the constant parade through slaughters and strategic feints to gain the upper hand. These very MOBA elements will not make your head reel. Like in previous online war strategy games changing the lane will take a lot of a player’s time.

One of the differences from Dota 2 or League of Legends is probably for the better: In Supernova players have more control over their army. It includes the arrangement of the units on the map. The attack approaches are specific (like in RTS games) and provide success against particular enemies.

In this game, strategic planning begins even before the match. You can choose between 2 sci-fi clans, according to which your army strength will be defined. You will control the composition of your soldiers and the development of your hero who can quire additional abilities or “Tacticals”.

Finally, you will have 10 units to use for the match and, like in all RTSes, you will have an ability to gain resources for your troops and to beef them up before meeting the Wartechs. Players can influence the power of their army via a research tree. Supernova has special windows that provide the data for all these alternations.

As in other online RTS games experience here is the most important criteria. The gameplay includes the advancement of a player who can move from a small basic set of options to a more expanded one. As to the currency and the financial model of Supernova, the players can obtain money either through playing or by simply transferring dollars, which will speed up the process remarkably. Both these mechanics of Supernova result in its technical resemblance to League of Legends.

Considering all the additional functions, the game has all the chances to crush under its complexity. Trying to grasp all the systems and features can be a challenge even with automated character and unit arrangement mechanics. Often, in place of one process another appears, and now you need to master both of them. This creates a lot of work for your brain.

This attempt to distinguish Supernova from a bunch of similar games can turn out to be its complete downfall. Despite the recent increase in popularity of MOBA games, the Primal Game Studios risks to push it too far.

Surely, the obvious strong point of Supernova is the sci-fi art style with its monsters and lasers. The music provides a compelling atmosphere.

In general, the game is rather interesting. But in the world where MOBA games tend to speak a widely understandable language, Supernova can be a contradictory case.

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