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Masterpieces of the RPG World

Masterpieces of the RPG World

Do you want to feel like a mature assassin, a mysterious witcher, or a real space conqueror? How about strolling along the medieval streets, riding dragons, or discovering incredible planets and unknown galaxies? If you want to experience all these activities, download at least one item from this list of best PC RPGs of all times. Learn more about other amazing RPG hits and their reviews here.

What is actually hidden behind the term “RPG”?

This simple short abbreviation means “role-playing games”one of the most exciting genres of games ever. It allows you to dive into the realistic world of adventures with the character you choose. Every player can control their character and give him any commands (to attack, to run, to shoot, to use witchcrafteverything depends on the plot and the rich fantasy of the game’s developers). Talented designers, composers, and even engineers are doing their best to make you enjoy the atmosphere of the RPG. They create masterpieces for PC that can surprise even the most hard-to-please gamers with spectacular graphics and unpredictable plot twists.

Top 4 history-making RPG giants

  1. The Witcher 3

If it was possible to choose “Mister RPG Universe” among millions of games, players would probably vote for the breathtaking adventures of Geralt. The game has a unique peculiarity: fighting with enemies is as exciting as exploring the world full of amazing landscapes, magic creatures, and beautiful maidens.

  1. Fallout 4

What would our careless humanity look like in 2077? This game suggests a frightening version of the future. Fights for resources, futuristic machines, nuclear bombarding, and the great old warthe war that never changes.”

  1. Mass Effect 2

This legendary RPG raised a whole generation of gamers. Commander Shepard inspired them to be strong and honest, reliable and unstoppable. Even now, millions of boys and girls around the world enjoy this part of Mass Effect and dream about the endless space.

  1. Dragon Age: Origins

The gloomy mysteries of the alternative medieval reality have been taking the players breath away for many years. The plot is twisted with classical BioWare, but the story is still fresh and interesting because of the new characters and flashbacks.

They say that PS and XBOX will deprive PC RPGs of their popularity, but we think it is not true. You cannot take your TV and playing gadgets with you all the time. But it is so easy to dive into the RPG universe only with one click of a mouse! It is the best way to distract from the boring routine, to relax, and to have great fun.

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