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Marvel's Teen Superhero Show Runaways Gets Mysterious And Exciting Full Trailer

Marvel's Teen Superhero Show Runaways Gets Mysterious And Exciting Full Trailer

Runaways is one of several new Marvel shows that will hit screens over next few months. It premieres on Hulu in November and focuses on a group of teenagers who can’t stand each other but come together to fight crime when they discover that their parents are part of a supervillain team.

A full trailer for the show has now been released. At first glance it looks somewhat similar to Fox’s current X-Men show The Gifted, which also features a group of super-powered kids on the run from villainous forces. But Runaways also seems to be a bit weirder; the parents are part of a sinister cult, and there’s a brief glimpse of some sort of fanged creature in there. Check it out below:

The show was featured at New York Comic-Con last month, where it was one of four upcoming Marvel shows to get stylish posters. Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are producing, and the first episode debuts on November 21.

Runaways was at one stage being considered for a Marvel movie, with Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pierce hired by the studio to write a script. “We were really close to being made, and then this movie started to happen called The Avengers,” Pierce revealed on the Q&A podcast in 2013. “It pulled focus from the unheard-of brand Runaways, and it really did kind of consume the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

The title was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, and the first issue was published in 2003. The book ran until 2009, although the characters have since appeared in numerous other Marvel titles.

In terms of other Marvel shows, The Punisher hits Netflix next month, and this week is was confirmed that Season 3 of Daredevil will see the return of villainous Wilson Fisk. In addition, the first trailer for Cloak and Dagger was released in April; that show arrives in 2018, but does not yet have a premiere date.


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