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Marvel Heroes Omega Coming To PS4 Soon, Trophies Revealed

Marvel Heroes Omega Coming To PS4 Soon, Trophies Revealed

Marvel Heroes Omega, the new version of Marvel Heroes coming to consoles, is launching very soon. The game’s “Live” version, which follows a previously closed beta, is coming to PlayStation 4 on May 23, but you might be able to play earlier.

There will be an “Head Start” period beginning on May 19 for people who buy the game’s Founder’s Pack or redeem a code. GameSpot has 50,000 codes to give away–you can get one right here.

Additionally, everyone who downloads the Marvel Heroes Omega Live edition, as developer Gazillion is calling it, on PS4 can unlock the Daredevil pack from the PlayStation Store for free.

People who are in the Omega closed beta on PS4 can continue playing until May 17. All progress will be wiped during downtime on May 18 before the game goes live on May 23.

Marvel Heroes Omega is also coming to Xbox One. There will be a closed beta on Xbox One, but Marvel has not yet announced details about it or said if there will be an open beta. Addressing the staggered release between PS4 and Xbox One, Gazillion said in a FAQ that doing this “ensure[s] we deliver the best possible experience for players on both platforms.” The statement also points out that Gazillion is a “comparably smaller studio.”

Finally, Gazillion released a rundown of all the Trophies for Marvel Heroes Omega, all of which you can see below.

Marvel Heroes is also available on PC through Steam as a free-to-play game. An MMO, Marvel Heroes, and Omega, lets you play as popular superheroes such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America.

Marvel Heroes Omega Trophies

Trouble at the Raft Defeat Green Goblin in the Prologue 15
Cleaning Up the Kitchen Defeat Doctor Octopus in Chapter 1 15
Pursuing the Hood Defeat The Hood in Chapter 2. 15
Meet in Madripoor Defeat Elektra in Chapter 3. 15
Topple the Kingpin Defeat The Kingpin in Chapter 4. 15
Purification Crusade Defeat Juggernaut in Chapter 5. 15
Stryker Under Siege Defeat Magneto in Chapter 6. 15
Savage Safari Defeat Mister Sinister in Chapter 7. 15
A Doomed World Defeat Doctor Doom in Chapter 8. 15
Gazillionaire Loot 1,000,000 Credits. 15
Duped! Find and Defeat a Cosmic Doop 15
Mobile Command Center Visit Six Different Headquarters 15
Targeted Frustration Defeat a Training Room Target Dummy. 15
Throne of Deceit Defeat Loki in Chapter 9. 30
Special Ops Complete 14 Different Operations 30
Next Level Crafting Level any vendor to level 10. 30
Part-Time Hero Rescue 100 civilians in Midtown Patrol. 30
Rounding Up Relics Collect any 100 Relics of the same type 30
Super Hero! Reach level 60 with any hero. 30
Treasure Hunting Explore all of the Treasure Rooms in each chapter of Story Missions. 30
The Vault Loot 100 Artifacts. 30
If They Be Worthy… Complete the Super Heroic Trial with any hero. 30
Living Legend Complete 25 Legendary Quests. 30
Mark II Apply a Modification to an Artifact. 30
Hero for Hire Open 50 Bounty Chests in Operations 30
Myth No More Fully upgrade a Legendary Item. 30
Cleaning Up The Streets Defeat 150 Super Villains in Midtown Manhattan. 30
Going for Gold Loot a Cosmic Medallion 30
High Noon Defeat 7 Different Super Villians in their Showdowns 30
All In a Day’s Work Complete 24 Different Special Events in Story Mode 30
Back to Basics Prestige any Hero. 30
Strongest One There Is Complete the Cosmic Trial with any hero. 90
There and Back Again Prestige any Hero twice. 90
Super Team Get Five Heroes to Level 60. 90


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