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Mad Max Review: Useful Tips for Best Playing Experience

Mad Max Review: Useful Tips for Best Playing Experience

You may be a super-experienced player, but every new game requires its own approach. And there are a lot of tricks you would wish you had known before launching the “Mad Max”. So, here are some tips found in Mad Max review from a gamer who had spent almost 50 hours non-stop playing the game.

Firstly, try not to rush the story missions. Of course, the plot is fascinating and it is hard to do some extra activities that are not connected to the main plot directly while playing. But when you reach the final, it turns out it would have been better for the final result to pay attention to small insignificant missions during the Mad Max gameplay. And we are not talking about just one or two side tasks, but actually a whole bunch of them. The downside is that the tasks are quite similar, but you have no other way to upgrade your car before the final battle.

The second advice is—you should always remember about the scrap metal. Since it is a basis of every upgrade that can be possibly made to your car, even if common sense tells this particular change has nothing to do with metal. The thing is, Max has to get out of the car and pick every fallen scrap manually. So the sooner you gather a cleanup team to pick up the fallen metal scraps the better. Note that the scrap team is not the same thing as the cleanup team. The first one collects scrap when you are not playing the game, and the amount is rather small compared to the cleanup team.

Another important thing on the list of Mad Max playing tips is accomplishing the challenges. While playing the game, you have certainly seen pop-up notifications saying that you have disarmed 10 out of 10 enemies or smashed 50 cars. You earn special tokens for these challenges, which you can exchange for special abilities or equipment while talking to NPC Griffa. And the last secret is to pay attention to skills that initially seem unnecessary. One of the abilities you will need while playing the second half of the game is Adaptation, which helps to reduce the amount of gasoline spent while driving. Take my word for it, this ability is sure to save your life on more than one occasion.

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