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Jackie Chan Kicks Ass In New Trailer For His Next Movie

Jackie Chan Kicks Ass In New Trailer For His Next Movie

A new trailer for Jackie Chan’s next action movie, The Foreigner, has come online. Like the trailer from back in June, this one shows more of the legendary martial artist and actor kicking ass and being a general badass as he gets revenge.

Based on the novel “The Chinaman,” The Foreigner follows a London businessman Quan (Chan) who is out for revenge after his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. James Bond star Pierce Brosnan plays a British government agent at the center of the bombing, apparently. Here’s the new trailer (via Collider):

The Foreigner looks like a fun, action movie, and seeing Chan in action really never gets old. Whether he’s taking down bad guys with his bare hands or running through them with whatever weapon he has at the ready, it’s always fun to see Chan in this kind of role.

The Foreigner was directed by GoldenEye and Casino Royale director Martin Campbell. The screenplay was written by Live Free Or Die Hard‘s David Marconi. It opens in theaters on October 13.


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