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Humble Monthly: Prepare to Be Surprised

Humble Monthly: Prepare to Be Surprised

Everyone knows about the group of enthusiasts that gave us Humble Bundle PC games―a digital storefront of various video games. The main difference of that series of game collections was the price―it was determined by purchasers and not by sellers. This “pay what you want” strategy became quite popular, especially when the creators of the idea stated that a part of the money from the sales will go to charity.

Now, the same team announced the release of a brand-new Humble Monthly project. It is a special monthly subscription plan that allows you to get a number of games every month, on its first Friday. What is the trick? The thing is, you will never know what games you will get. Not until you will actually receive a package. Keeping the titles in total secret is the main idea of the entire project. So, do not freak out if you will not receive a set of games after its contents are officially announced. You will receive the next collection with lots of surprising games to play.

There is one more piece of good news about this project―it will cost you only $12 per month. Still, the group did not announce the number of included games for each set, but we know that at least there will be more than one or two games in it. Moreover, every month, gamers will get a few games that were not released via Humble Monthly earlier.

To make this innovation even more valuable, the group announced that in case of unsubscribing you can keep all the games that you have got previously. The only thing you better keep in your mind is that if you (for some reason) decide to cancel your subscription, you will need to do it at least one week before the official reveal of the next package.

All the packages will include PC games. Meanwhile, there may be titles for consoles in it too. And as usual, 5 percent of the proceeds the group will spend on charity. As a special bonus, all the first-time subscribers will get a copy of one of the previously released games for free. The very first bonus is the Legend of Grimrock 2 game.

The first release of Humble Monthly is set for November 6.

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