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Hideo Kojima About to Create Another Metal Gear Game?

Hideo Kojima About to Create Another Metal Gear Game?

If you are following Hideo Kojima, the Metal Gear Solid V creator, on Twitter, then you have probably noticed that he has recently been very active—taking loads of pictures from London, then flying to Paris to continue his trip. With all this activity from Kojima, people are starting to talk about his next game. We know it is going to be an exclusive PS4 game. The gamers are certain that it is not going to be another edition of the Metal Gear game. However, Hideo is full of surprises, and his plans are hard to be predicted. All we can do is admire this game industry veteran’s ability to adapt to the demand of modern gamers and reach such an unthinkable success.

As long as we are talking about creative personalities, let us mention that there are still a lot of discussions about the Silent Hill fiasco and Guillermo Del Toro, with whom Kojima was to present the game. They planned for it to be something engaging, thrilling, and spectacular. In fact, the teaser for Silent Hills showed us that the game was going to exceed our expectations. To the great gamers’ disappointment, Konami shut down the project. Nevertheless, there are still rumors about Kojima and Del Toro working together on a common game project.

The AAA studios developers have been noticed in an extremely curious trend—the majority of them have moved on to experimental projects. For instance, Lucas Pope, the creator of the Uncharted series at Naughty Dog, left the studios to make his own games, one of which is Paper Please—a simulator that lets you experience the position of a border control officer. It has become the first game that shows the importance of every decision and its influence on the player. Ken Levine, the creator of the anticipated Bioshock new game, disbanded his studio to work on highly replayable narrative games intended for the core player.

Kojima is a person full of mystery, that is why when gamers expect him to develop another AAA blockbuster, he goes in the opposite direction. After Konami sharply criticized MGS V, it might be better for Kojima to focus on games of a more narrative type.

Anyway, we are impatient about Kojima’s next release. On his own website, the creator inspires gamers with the message: “We are Homo Ludens, we are those who play.” You are right, Kojima. And we want to play your new game as soon as possible.

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