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Here's 10 Minutes Of Doom In VR

Here's 10 Minutes Of Doom In VR

id Software’s new Doom, released in 2016, was hands-down one of the best shooters of last year, complemented by Mick Gordon’s killer soundtrack. The game is coming to virtual reality this year in the form of the Doom: VFR Edition. We got to try it out recently, and you can watch 10 minutes of gameplay in the video embedded above.

In the 10 minutes we run through several areas and clear out enemies in brutal form, just like the standard console and PC versions, but this time from a new perspective. You’ll also get a glimpse at what the menus look like in VR. It’s all still pretty fast-paced, too. Note that the footage was captured on PlayStation VR.

“Since the hallmark of any Doom game is combat, we’ve made it our top priority to ensure moving, shooting and killing demons with overwhelming force in virtual reality is as brutal and rewarding as it is in the Doom experience that fans have been enjoying for the past year,” game director Marty Stratton said in a blog post.

Doom VFR launches on December 1 for PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. It’s not the only Bethesda VR game coming out this year, as Skyrim VR for PlayStation VR lands on November 17–you can check out some new footage here. Additionally, Doom is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 10.


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