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Hearthstone Witchwood Dev's Mission To "Make Everything Overpowered"

Hearthstone Witchwood Dev's Mission To "Make Everything Overpowered"

The night is dark and full of terrors in Hearthstone’s next expansion, The Witchwood. Our first look at the next set of new cards coming to the game was in a Blair Witch-style reveal video, but as a pre-cursor to more card reveals happening throughout the coming weeks, Blizzard’s Dave Kozack and Dean Ayala dropped by the GameSpot office to discuss Witchwood’s development.

And for even more Hearthstone talk, check out the video above, where we play through the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run along with mission designer Dave Kozack while discussing the upcoming Monster Hunter mode. We learned a very valuable lesson in this (embarrassingly unsuccessful) run: never underestimate your opponent.

GameSpot: From a top level, Witchwood of course fits very well in the Hearthstone/World of Warcraft theme, but why is now the time to bring in an expansion like Witchwood?

Dave Kozack: We like to mix it up; sometimes we’ll do very serious expansions. I’d say Knights of the Frozen Throne was a pretty hardcore serious expansion. Our heroes were turning into Death Knights, whereas Kobolds and Catacombs was a little wackier, a little more light-hearted. And so, with Witchwood, we wanted to offset it with a different tone. It’s dark and creepy, but a fun kind of creepy. And it’s mostly about just giving people something every time, something different that you don’t expect, so we have a lot of fun with Witchwood. It’s scary, but it’s not “jump scare” scary. It’s just weird, fun, Halloween-ish spooky stuff.

It seems very fitting that it’s the inaugural expansion for the Year of the Raven. Does the raven itself hint at other things that we’ll see this year, or is that kind of just coincidence?

DK: It’s a little bit of a crossover. We like when the new year lets you know a little bit about the first set, and Raven definitely fits this set but not necessarily the other ones

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