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Have Fun With Fat Princess Adventures

Have Fun With Fat Princess Adventures

The creators of Fat Princess are luring its followers with their new role play game: Fat Princes Adventures. This is the third game in the series succeeding Fat Princess and Fat Princess: Piece of Cake. Fat Princess Adventures is a completely different game with more interesting features but the same lighthearted sense of humor.

You are in an enviable situation if you are not familiar with the previous game versions. The game plot immerses you into the kingdom of Great Bitten, where the fragile peace between two former enemies had been broken when the Bitter Queen kidnapped both princesses with her army of monsters. You are summoned as an unnamed adventurer to rescue the fat princesses and destroy the kingdom of the evil queen.

Before the game begins, you need to choose your hero and create his style. There are all the necessary options to select a cute hairstyle, skin color, and various accessories. The main topic of the game is food, and it is interesting to find broccoli eyes and parsnip-colored hairdo among other features. An intrigue is also present, as several options are locked until you gain enough experience. However, you can change your hero’s look between play sessions. Apart from the character’s appearance you can also pick his personality. There are four main personality types available for you. Each type has its own poses, armor, voice, and the kind of humor you will use during the game.


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