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Grow Up Release Date Appears on PlayStation Store

Grow Up Release Date Appears on PlayStation Store

Ubisoft’s Grow Up will launch on August 17, according to a listing on the PlayStation Store. The game was revealed during the company’s E3 2016 press conference, but a specific release date was not provided at the time.

Since Ubisoft hasn’t officially announced a release date itself, it may be this is a placeholder date put on the PlayStation Store page by Sony. GameSpot has contacted Ubisoft for clarification.

In addition to the release date, the PlayStation Store indicates Grow Up will cost £7.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers, however, will get a discount and can purchase it for £6.39.

Grow Up is a sequel to Grow Home, in which players control a robot called BUD and must cultivate plant life in an open-world. Its gameplay focused around climbing around to reach new areas and exploring. Players could control BUD’s two hands individually and use them to grab the environment.

In the sequel, BUD has to explore a new planet to recover parts of his spaceship, which is called MOM.

“While out exploring the galaxy with MOM, BUD’s parental spaceship, she goes to pieces,” the game’s description reads. “Literally–MOM’s all over the place. The positioning of that moon was inconsiderate.

“Now her ship parts are scattered far and wide across an entire alien planet so rich in flora and fauna it would make even the most jaded galactic gardener’s head spin. It’s up to BUD to collect all her parts and get them back to the moon.”


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