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GameStop Is Selling A Fart Pillow For The New South Park Game

GameStop Is Selling A Fart Pillow For The New South Park Game

The new South Park game, The Fractured But Whole, focuses a lot on farting. Continuing this trend, retailer GameStop today announced an officially licensed “Fart Pillow,” a $30 accessory that, when sat upon, emits a fart noise. GameStop says it’s a perfect stocking stuffer for family and friends who just can’t get enough fart jokes. I think we all know someone like that.

“All they have to do is put the pillow on their couch and let the unsuspecting relative sit on it and BAM! The ‘backdoor breeze’ is blowing loud and strong,” GameStop said. “These familiar fart sounds are so realistic you’d think your brother was in the room.”

Thankfully, the fart pillow doesn’t actually deliver any nasty smells, just the noise. “When our discerning customers are in the market for a fart pillow, we know your run-of-the-mill fart pillow simply won’t suffice,” GameStop’s marketing and strategy boss Eric Oria said in a statement. “We put extensive research behind our newest exclusive–the South Park Fractured But Whole Fart Pillow–to ensure this product provides an array of realistic flatulence. We think this is perfect for anyone who wants to cut loose during the holidays.”

As mentioned, the “14 square Fractured But Whole pillow sells for $30 on its own, while you can also get it with the game via a bundle that sells for $76 on Xbox One and PS4. The pillow has two different fart sounds, and it comes with the three batteries needed to power it.

GameSpot’s Fractured But Whole review scored the game an 8/10. “Fractured But Whole succeeds as an interactive South Park mini-series, while effectively emulating the show’s current style of adult-targeted entertainment and satirization of political correctness,” reviewer Miguel Concepcion said. “In other words, it’s consistently amusing and provocative without the edginess the series used to be known for.”


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