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Fallout Shelter: Better Thanksgiving, Underground

Fallout Shelter: Better Thanksgiving, Underground

A vault-managing fallout-themed mobile app for Bethesda got a Thanksgiving update. Predictably, the new update contains various things to make celebrating Thanksgiving possible—turkeys, pilgrim clothes and so on.

For those of you who do not know, Fallout Shelter is a game where you build and manage your personal Vault. It was released by Bethesda in summer, first for iOS and then for Android devices. Apparently, it was created as a clever way to promote the recently released Fallout 4 game, though the app became quite a success on its own.

Despite criticism concerning the lack of depth and the abundance of unnecessary microtransactions, the game turned out to be quite popular. And the microtransactions seem to work just fine, as according to the market intelligence provider SuperData, the game managed to gather over $5 million in sales in its first two weeks on iOS store.

It looks like Bethesda is not going to drop the title after the release of its headliner Fallout 4, and will continue to update the game in the future. In October, Bethesda released a special Halloween update that include various Halloween-related paraphernalia. It stands to reason that we can expect a New Year/Christmas update to Fallout Shelter next.

Regrettably, the only substantial change introduced to the game by the Halloween update was the removal of the cap on the number of dwellers that you can send to explore the Wasteland. Other changes were merely cosmetic. The Thanksgiving update has not brought much new to the gameplay, but it does not mean that the company is not going to add more depth to the game in the future updates. After all, the 1.2 update released on Oct. 15 added a survivor mode and an option to save your data to the cloud.

Speaking of the ways to improve Fallout Shelter, the next logical step would be to add some end game money sinks for experienced players to spend their extra caps, to improve game’s performance on lower end devices, and to add a more comprehensive game guide that will explain the exact mechanics of the game and the effects of specific skills on various aspects of the gameplay. Another great feature would be to be able to access your vault with a browser.

It makes sense for the company to continue developing Fallout Shelter—to compare, according to some estimates, Fallout 3, the previous post-nuclear PRG by Bethesda, was able to make just over $18 million in its first two weeks of sales, and it clearly took much more effort to develop. This is not to say that mobile apps are the future, and PC games are obsolete—the latest press-release by Bethesda claims that the company managed to sell over 12 million copies of Fallout 4 on the first day of sales only, “representing sales in excess of $750 million.”

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