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Fallout 4 Launches With New Records and New Bugs

Fallout 4 Launches With New Records and New Bugs

The last part of the Fallout franchise was released on Nov. 10. Obviously, it is one of the most anticipated video games of the year 2015, if not of the last 5-7 years as well. The Fallout: New Vegas game was released in 2010. Fallout 3 was launched two years earlier―in 2008.

The release was accompanied by numerous rumors and surprises. Some of them were really impressive, but others caused disappointment to the Fallout fans. Here are the most valuable things you may want to know about Fallout 4.

A launch that sets records

The Fallout 4 game launched on all the three leading platforms―PC, Xbox One, and PS4 simultaneously. The game was released in North America, Australia, and the U.K. In a few hours after the official launch, Fallout 4 jumped up to the top of the ratings on Amazon and Steam. By the number of concurrent players on Steam, it has bested GTA 5 and reached the figure of 444,825 users. Now, Fallout 4 is second on Steam Chart with only Dota 2 ahead of it.

One more record was set by the game’s versions for PS4 and Xbox One on Amazon. Both editions are at the top of Amazon’s Best Sellers rating, leaving behind the last part of Call of Duty and Star Wars video games. Among PC games available on Amazon, Fallout 4 is the second best selling.

Shocking surprises in Fallout 4

Usually, the video game critics are way more hypercritical than the regular players, but not this time. Most of the critics on Metacritic found the new part of the post-apocalyptic story interesting, and the game itself worth both your time and your money. The players, however, talked mostly about the numerous problems and glitches that were found in the game after a few hours of playing.

The graphics’ bugs were one of the most common troubles: some characters, buildings, items or their parts simply disappeared without a reason. Meanwhile, some of the scans shared by the players proved that a glitch may add a bit of fun to the gameplay as well.


On the other hand, being stuck in an elevator is no fun at all. Especially so, when you do not have a previous save and have already spent about nine hours in the game. Within a few hours after the launch of Fallout 4, the gamers reported dozens of bugs and glitches they found in the video game. Which is why they were not so kind and optimistic while leaving their comments on Metacritic.

It is natural that some issues with the game’s mechanics and graphics may disappoint you, but Bethesda’s developers did their best in order to fix most of the bugs found as soon as possible. The company released Day One Patch a few hours after the game’s launch. But to be honest, it would be better if the video game developers from Bethesda did not need to work so hard in order to solve problems that might have been prevented in the first place.


As for the game itself, it keeps both well-known features of the setting and innovations in a harmonious combination. For those gamers who are familiar with the previous parts of the post-apocalyptic open world video game, there will be no surprises in how the game looks like.

On the other hand, the game’s designers created new monsters and mutants that make the game look a bit fresher and engaging. Moreover, if there are new mutants out there, it means you have someone (of something) to kill in a way you like the most.

The SPECIAL system is also still in place. You can raise your chances to survive in an unwelcoming world of the half-destroyed city that stuck in an atmosphere of the 1950s by improving each of the seven skills.

The customization options were improved, too. Now you can create something useful from literally nothing, even a useless junk you found on the street.

One more innovation that completely changes the game’s atmosphere is that the protagonist in Fallout 4 does not keep silent anymore. In contrast to the two previous games in the franchise, this time your character will speak. The voices of female and male protagonists are Courtenay Taylor and Brian T. Delaney respectively.

Have you already made your first steps into the Fallout 4 world? Share your thoughts with us!

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