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Fallout 4 Has Borrowed 5 Characters’ Skins From Metal Gear Solid

Fallout 4 Has Borrowed 5 Characters’ Skins From Metal Gear Solid

The new Fallout 4 has something to impress the gamers with—the ability to play with profiles of the characters from the last Metal Gear Solid cutscenes. Since Fallout 4 was finally released in November 2015, it has been considered as a game full of excitement, weirdness, and surprises. It is a known fact that the latest game mods take inspiration from the popular Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and contain the scene of Big Boss arriving together with his allies. Let us thank modder Akiba91 for creating the “Metal Gear Solid—All in one standalone” mod. Now the gamers can see Venom Snake, the sniper with the nickname Quiet, and Skull Face as playable characters! Besides, the mod not only allows running all over the waste ground in the role of Metal Gear Solid character, but also using the equipment from this game, like gear, faces, and clothing. The customization assets periodically update. If you are worried that Konami is going to sue for copyright offense, do not be! Before making the mod, Akiba91 received full affirmation from the company. As you may remember, there was an incident between the Metal Gear Solid creator Kojima and Konami in which the latter turned out to be the bad guy. So now, it seems like Konami is trying to change the way fans feel towards him.

For the last couple of months, we have seen creative mods that vary from extremely eccentric, like the replacement of all mini-nukes of the game with exploding Atom Bomb Babies, to completely nightmare-inducing, like the substitution of every explosive weapon in the game. And surely, nobody can forget the Deathclaws in the skin of Randy Savage, the Macho Man.

Bethesda games have always had great support from the community of modders, so this case is not the first one. Starting with the Mirrowind of 2002, the games have been continuously updated with mods that span from graphical improvements to creation of new worlds. It goes without saying that the mod support is quite impressive, but the gamers are expecting to see more modding tricks as soon as Bethesda finally releases mod tools for Fallout 4 for all platforms later this year!

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