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Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Two More Characters To The Roster

Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Two More Characters To The Roster

The Dragon Ball FighterZ roster continues to grow. Another pair of playable characters were revealed for the Dragon Ball fighting game in the latest issue of V-Jump magazine (via Gematsu), along with some details on the game’s story mode.

The two new characters joining the roster are Nappa and Captain Ginyu, two of the earliest villains Goku and friends faced in Dragon Ball Z. Nappa can summon Saibamen during battle and fire a powerful beam blast from his mouth. Captain Ginyu, meanwhile, can call in the Ginyu Force and use his signature Body Change ability to swap characters and HP with his opponent.

The new issue of V-Jump also shared some more details about the game’s original story mode, which features the new character Android 21 and a resurrected Android 16. According to Gematsu, an event during the story causes the Z-Fighters to “fall one by one.” It seems that players will be “linked” to different characters during different points in the story; during the Android chapter, players will be linked to Android 18, while the Enemy Warriors chapter links them with Frieza.

Players will advance through the story mode by battling opponents, and V-Jump says you’ll be able to freely focus on where you want to focus on earning experience points, rescuing allies, learning skills, and more. In addition to that, players will be able to “deepen bonds” with characters, which will give you the chance to overhear private conversations.

Dragon Ball FighterZ launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Japan on February 1. The North American release presumably won’t be too far behind; the game is slated to arrive in the region in “early 2018.” Players who pre-order the physical version will unlock Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta early as a bonus. You can see all of the confirmed Dragon Ball FighterZ characters so far.


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