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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Tips, Class And Crafting Guides, And Walkthroughs

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Tips, Class And Crafting Guides, And Walkthroughs

Like its predecessor, Divinity: Original Sin II is an incredibly mechanically complex RPG with hundreds of quests and secrets to discover. While the game reveals some details, it’s mostly up to you to figure out how to navigate its world. To help you better equip yourself with the knowledge to survive, we’ve compiled all of our in-depth guide articles and accompanying videos below. Keep in mind, there are potential spoilers in some of our guides, so tread carefully.

Check back often as we update this feature with more guides. And for more about the acclaimed RPG, be sure to read our Divinity: Original Sin II review. The game is out now for PC, but it’s been in Steam Early Access for almost a year. It’s the sequel to our 2014 PC Game of the Year, Divinity: Original Sin, and it netted over $2 million from 40,000 fans on Kickstarter. It features over 1,200 characters, all of them fully voice-acted.

Beginner’s Tips

[Divinity: Original Sin 2 Beginner’s Tips]

Original Sin II is a difficult game that eagerly punishes your mistakes in combat or even when talking to NPCs. With so many factors to consider as you explore, it can be tough to survive. To help newcomers to the series, we’ve gathered nine tips to know before you set off to Fort Joy and into the world of Rivellon.

Which Class Is Best For You?

[Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Which Class Is Best For You?]

Much likes its predecessor, Original Sin II lets you choose a pre-made character or completely customize one. And while you are free to create a custom character, you can also opt for an Origin character (whose class and skills you can adjust). Here are some major tips to help you find out what class best suits your needs.

9 Things You Might’ve Missed In The Opening Area

[9 Things You Might’ve Missed In Divinity: Original Sin 2’s Opening Area]

The game is filled to the brim with clever dialogue and hidden secrets, so much so that you could spend well over 10 hours in the opening area, Fort Joy, alone. To help you make the most of your early adventures across Rivellon, we’ve highlighted nine cool things you might’ve missed in the fort.

Beginner’s Tips To Building The Best Party

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[Divinity Original Sin 2 Beginner’s Tips To Building The Best Party]

Building up a party takes time. With how mechanically complex the game is, there’s a lot to take into consideration as you assemble your merry band of adventurers. To help you create the best party possible, we’ve gathered tips detailing what to look for. In addition, we’ve provided pointers that’ll help you better manage your party.

Expert Tips

[Divinity: Original Sin 2 Expert Tips]

Original Sin II is one of the most challenging RPGs out right now, with a deep and intricate storyline, tons of quests, and tactical combat that demands the most out of players. That’s why we’ve gathered some expert tips on how to tackle the game’s various challenges, as well as details on what you need to do to become a god in the fantasy land of Rivellon.

Best Skills

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[12 Best Skills In Divinity: Original Sin 2]

It’s easy to get by with your party’s base skills and abilities in your early runnings. However, as you progress, the need to acquire more powerful skills becomes paramount to your survival. For better or worse, there are a multitude to choose from. From the fiery devastation of Dragon’s Blaze to the rogue-buffing Assassinate, there’s something for everybody. But with so many skills to experiment with, it’s not always easy to tell which skills are the best for you. To help acquaint you with the most effective skills in the game, we’ve compiled 11 of what we believe to be the best.

Crafting Guide

[Divinity: Original Sin 2 Crafting Guide — How To Make Cool Spells, Useful Potions, And Enhanced Weapons]

Crafting is tricky to get to grips with, so much so that it can become an underused tool. However, crafting also happens to be incredibly useful, so to help you get comfortable with making cool things we’ve put together a list of interesting and eclectic recipes for you to use.


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